A year in the industry: chatting to a Junior programmer

Joining at the height of the pandemic, Daniel became the third Dan at the studio, the second coding Danny at the studio and the first Daniel with a mint racing set-up and natural flair for racing at the studio. 

After being with us for a year (and finally meeting most of us in person at SockFest) we sat down chat about what it’s like being a programmer in the industry (or at least at SockMonkey Studios.) 

Daniel Harvey Driving a Go-Kart

What made you want to be a programmer? 

“I used to make mods for F1 games when I was at school, then when I had to choose what degree to do Computer Games Programming was the first one I saw that looked interesting.”

F1 Mod

What game(s) are you playing right now?  

“Fish Tanks! (but also I’m also into sim racing, enjoying Automobilista 2 at the moment.)”

Fish Tanks Pinball Level

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Do you still enjoy playing games even though you spend your days working on them? 

“Yeah, especially games that are different to what I’m working on at work. I’ve also changed to prefer not playing games at a desk if possible, I find it helps separate work from not work.” 

Racing Gaming Set-up

What advice would you give to somebody looking to get into game programming? 

“Make sure you enjoy problem solving and don’t hate tweaking things a million times.”

SockMonkey Team in the Tipi

If you were to write a survival guide for programmers, what would be the first tip? 

“Try to have hobbies that aren’t PC/Screen related, it’s good to be able to do something totally different once works finished.”

What are you most proud of in the last year? 

“Optimising Fish Tanks to get it running smoothly and saving over 1GB of Ram usage!”

Fish Tanks Octoasis Level

What’s your favourite part of your job? 

“That feeling when you come up with a solution to something that’s been annoying you for days.”

What’s your most and least favourite programming task? 

Most: Optimisations – Its rewarding to see immediate results of your work as the game gets faster
Least: UI >:(  – Its just never right 🙁 “

Full SockMOnkey Studios Team

If you want to join our dev team like Daniel then take a look at our current vacancies on the careers page! Or if you just want to learn more about SockMonkey Life and the games we’re working on then head over to our blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts 😀


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