According to SockMonkey: 2021 Games of the Year

Similar to 2020, 2021 has been a confusing year where it has both felt extremely long at the same time as lasting an eternity. As the year speeds towards finally drawing to a close it’s time to look at some of the SockMonkey team’s favourite games from the past twelve months. 


Resident Evil Village 

In an early entry that shocks nobody, Resident Evil: Village is one of the team’s favourite games of the year. The latest edition to the series seems to go through different horror genres, with jump-scares often taking a backseat and making way for more eerie, tension-building scenes and a cast of creepy antagonists to make your skin-crawl. Title image from Resident Evil video game Capcom

If the horror of Capcom’s latest instalment in the Resident Evil series is too spoopy then take a break to look at Stevie from Schitt’s Creek who seems to have made an appearance. 

Painting from Capcom's Resident Evil (left) alongside Stevie from Schitt's creek (right)


FFXIV: Endwalker  

Although not a new game the Endwalker expansion pack for Final Fantasy XIV has caught the attention of not just quite a few members of the team, but the entire internet seems to be having a Final Fantasy renaissance of sorts.  

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Square Enix

In addition to a higher level cap of 90, The new expansion will bring Sage and Reaper classes into the mix.  

Aaron was so excited for the Endwalker release that he booked time off to play… he’s still waiting to play T____T 


Not the easiest game to play, Returnal is a stunning game, with a sci-fi aesthetic which shows the potential of the PS5. 

Gamplay of Returnal game from Sony

The game’s replayability, alongside it’s tough, but fair gameplay and INTERmission content which teases at what’s to come in Part 2 secure its spot on SockMonkey’s GOTY chart

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart / New Pokémon Snap / Disco Elysuim Final Cut  

There’s no denying that some great games were released this year, and Liam definitely couldn’t disagree. Having trouble picking just one GOTY he settled on Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and the new Pokémon Snap, with an honourable mention for Disco Elysium Final Cut. The original game came out last year but here at SockMonkey we make the rules and it gets on the list.  

Screen from Ratchet & Clank: Rift apart Video Game by Insomniac Games

Pikmin Bloom 

After watching Brad get super invested in Pikmin (and get very… very upset when they died) last year, it’s not surprising that his GOTY is Pikmin Bloom. More of a fitness app than a conventional game, players are encouraged to increase their step-count (something which is welcomed by many since the pandemic had us confined to our homes for so long.) 

Screen Grab from Pikmin Bloom by Niantic

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition 

Self-titled elitist scum Ken chose Mass Effect: Legendary Edition as his game of the year. Already being one of his favourite games of all time (and having played the Mass Effect games a bazillion times before) experiencing it in 4k at 60fps was the icing on the Mass Effect fanboy cake.

Little Nightmares II 

When Chris was asked his favourite game of the year he also found it hard to pick just one. In the end, Little Nightmares II just beat Ratchet and Clank: Rift apart for his favourite this year.  

Screen grab from Little Nightmares 2, BANDAI NAMCO

In addition to loving Little Nightmares II and its predecessor’s gameplay, Chris obsessed over the many, many fan theory videos out there about the game. 

Pokémon Snap/Cozy Grove 

Pokémon Snap likely needs no introduction and Cozy Grove is a heart-warming life-sim which slots perfectly into your day whenever you have a spare hour or so.  

Gameplay screengrab of Cozy Grove gameplay, from Spry Fox

Bring back colour to an atmospheric, haunted island, build up relationships with its inhabitants and decorate the ever-changing landscape of the island as you discover its hidden secrets.  

T-Minus 30

After asking Jon his 2021 game of the year, some of us didn’t know what T-Minus 30 was…. we do now… and many of us now want to play.   

Almost the most ‘Jon’ game imaginable, in T-Minus 30 your goal is simple – build a city to build rockets to escape the apocalypse. The more rockets you build the more people you save, but you only have 30 minutes to do it…  

T-Minus 30 gameplay screen grab by Dejobaan Games

The first time you play you’ll probably think you managed to save a good number of survivors, then the leader board pops up and you realise you’re a good-sized city’s population off the pace! But it only takes 30 minutes to have another go! 

These are just some of the great games we loved this year (barring Fish Tanks of course which is the ultimate game of the year and available to play for free here) but if you’d like to know more about the games the SockMonkey team loves, as well as what we’re getting up to, then follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter 

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