According to SockMonkey: Best Gaming Soundtracks  

From Kondo to Uematsu, music in video games is so much more than just a background rumbling you half-listen to while playing your favourite game. Even for those who aren’t avid gamers, when the first notes of Tetris A kicks in it’s likely to bring up memories.  

Arcade Games Beside Nintendo Switch Playing Spyro


It goes without saying that asking an office of gamers this question would throw open a debate or two. Here’s ten our all-time favourite game soundtracks:   

Shadow of the Colossus  

Ethereal and eerily beautiful. The main theme of this game is loneliness, but when the player isn’t playing to the sound of silence, they’re accompanied by this emotional soundtrack.  

Shadow of the Colossus Gameplay
Shadow of the Colossus game play


The Legend of Zelda

Promotional material for the Zelda games

Because how can you have a list of the best game soundtracks without mentioning Zelda? It’s a three way battle royale between the quintessential sounds of Ocarina of Time, vs. the darker tones of Majora’s Mask vs. the evocative track listing of The Wind Waker for which will take the crown.  

Final Fantasy  

Of course the remake of FFVII has reignited fans love for both the original soundtrack and the nostalgia driven way the remake incorporates it into the new game. When it comes to Final Fantasy, the OST for any game Umatsu took his hands to has its own iconic charm. 

Final Fantasy artwork and figurines


Halo 2 and 3 

The Halo franchise never disappoints with it’s soundtrack, however in the SockMonkey office it’s between the iconic Halo 2 and the extensive Halo 3, both of which have had an impact outside the gaming world, for which one is the best.  

 Images of Halo and Gameplay


Fun and easy listening, who hasn’t spent an hour or a hundred running around with Banjo and Kazooie to the catchy tunes of these games? 

Banjo-Kazooie Gameplay
Banjo-Kazooie game play


Nier Automata 

Beautiful throughout and with a heart-wrenching conclusionNier Automata’s meloncholic melodies are a powerful addition to how players experience the game.   

Nier Automata Video Game Gameplay
Nier Automata game play


Even a 90 year old Amish person who has been living under a rock for fifty years would likely know the Tetris theme, which interestingly pre-dates the game itself as it actually originated from a popular Russian folk-song.  

Tetris Artwork and Game Boy Game

Beyond Good and Evil  

This versatile OST offers a range of musical styles, from laid-back reggae tunes to hip-hop beats and everything in-between.  

Beyond Good and Evil Game Game Play
Beyond Good and Evil game play

Animal Crossing: Wild World  

There might be a new Animal Crossing game out, but the soundtrack which beats out the others for a spot on SockMonkey’s top video game soundtracks is the one for Animal Crossing: Wild World. Being the first game in the series I played for a prolonged amount of time (as in constantly, non-stop, what is sleep?) as soon as the opening theme starts I can’t stop smiling ear-to-ear. 

Animal Crossing: Wild Word on Nintendo Ds
Animal Crossing: Wild World Game Play



Out Run

Drowning in nostalgia, click here for a special blog post dedicated to one SockMonkey’s love for the first arcade game that let you pick your own music.

Out Run Arcade Game



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