Deliver us the Moon Docks at PS4 and Xbox One

SockMonkey collaborated with Wired Productions and KeoKen Interactive to bring you the out of this world Deliver us the Moon on PS4 and Xbox One.

Deliver us the Moon Game Play

Set in an apocalyptic, not too distant, futurin this sci-fi thriller you play a lone astronaut whose sole objective is to help save humanity from extinction; with the help of your trusty robot companion, ASE.  

In a reality where all the Earth’s natural resources have been depleted, The World Space Agency colonised the moon to secure the energy humanity needs However, when communication between the Earth and Moon failed this sorely needed energy source is lost.  

Deliver us the Moon Game Play

Years later you are now the Earth’s last astronaut and humanity’s only hope. You and ASE will roam the moon, discovering its secrets and gathering clues which will help you piece together the secrets and hidden agender of those now long gone.  

Uncover the past, crack the code and most importantly Deliver us the Moon 

Deliver us the Moon Promotional Material and Screen Grab

Deliver us the Moon is available now on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One 

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