Don’t be such a crank… It’s Playdate!

In a world where consoles seem to be getting ????????????????????ℝ developer Panic has opted to make a new, smoller and more yellow one.  

A bit on the side 

One of the most noticeable features of the Playdate is the addition of a crank on the side. More than just a quirky addition, the arm can be used to alter the way a game is played – something which can be seen in titles such as Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure and Mars After Midnight the teased, sans-timeline title from Return of the Obra Dinn creator Lucas Pope. Both of the titles appear to utalise the crank in different ways, with CTTA having players use it to move Crankin, while MAM harnesses it to allow players to interact with the game’s setting. 

A game for all seasons 

In recent years media has re-fallen in love with a lot of vintage stylization and the 24 games the console is set to release with in, in Season One appears to marry this with an artistic, modern twist. 

Using this seasonal model, 24 games will be sent to players over the twelve-week period at a rate of two a week. 

Go your own way

Two games a week not enough for you? Panic has also created Pulp, a space where anybody can make their own game for the Playdate – even if they have no coding experience.  

Fully browser-based, games created through Pulp can be installed and played on the system and is completely free. 

Sure it’s cute but I want moreeee

Looking for something to make this cute little guy even cuter? Panic also collaborated with Teenage Engineering on Playdate’s premier accessory: the Playdate Stereo Dock. Described by Panic co-founder Cabel as a ‘quadruple threat’ the dock will serve as a Bluetooth speaker, magnetic charger, display doc and super importantly – a pen holder.  

Music will be available on the stereo dock through a partnership with Poolsuite FM.  

Setting a (play) date 

Feeling like playing some Playdate? Well you can’t yet. Pre-orders for little yellow are aiming to go live in July (for $179) and Panic says that there will be one week warning before they do. Due to ongoing COVID struggles however, it may be a while before you’re crank-ready.


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