Easter at Halloween: Our favourite spooky Easter eggs in video games

It might be Halloween (actually it’s after Halloween) but we’re going to celebrate like it’s Easter and go on an Easter egg hunt. There are plenty of horror games out there, but sometimes the creepiest additions to games are actually from a whole different genre.  

When researching this blog it turns out there are a lot of scary video game Easter eggs out there, so these are just five of our favourites…

Call of Duty: Finest Hour Haunted Room  

I don’t play COD much and growing up the only times I did play was I was being destroyed for being a ‘NOOB’ when I was over my friend’s house, so unsurprisingly I’m with the majority and have never seen this Easter egg but it sounds truly horrible.  

COD Finest Hour hidden Easter Egg creepy room

While playing the level ‘Underground Passage’ if you throw two grenades at a door which appears to be locked you’ll gain access. Enter this room and you’ll be greeted by floating candles, a toy tank driving around, a giant rat in a cage, and a creepy baby(?) dressed like a soldier who gets up and walks around if you approach it.  

I watched a clip of this for research and my favourite part had to be the weird artwork all over the walls 

Goat Simulator  

This one is kind of a mix between creepy and whacky. As a big fan of this game, I’m kind of shocked I just found out about this one. If you head to the graveyard in Goat Simulator the game will shift, becoming more ominous, you’ll find Pet Sematary references from Stephen King, a crying man surrounded by creepy voices… and the slendergoat… 

The witch in Payday: The Heist

Possibly like other beanpole, pasty girls who played videogames in school my friends would use the Witch and Danni interchangeably while playing Left 4 Dead and it looks like  the Witch makes a guest appearance in another iconic videogame – Payday: The Heist. 

The Witch from Left 4 Dead in Payday: The Heist

The ‘No Mercy’ mission is set in Left 4 Dead’s ‘Mercy Hospital,’ which is pretty cool to start with. Play the level and you will come across a locked door near the reception desk. If you look through the window you will be greeted by the Witch. Like in Left 4 Dead, shining a flashlight in her face will disturb her and if you stare at her too long then you will get a jump scare.  

Don’t play Animal Crossing at 3:00am challenge 

This one might not be the same calibre of creepy as the others, but I remember always having my TV just left on in my Animal Crossing house and playing the game when I definitely should have been asleep and at some point in the night (3:33am) the TV transmission changes and shows an alien message. I remember at that point of tired finding the cute alien image pretty unnerving. 

Animal Crossing Alien Encounter

Black and White 2 Names  

This might be my favourite creepy Easter egg. When playing the game, if one of your villagers die then most of the time you will hear ‘death’ whispered. However, if you play during the night you might hear your own name said… Even though this Easter egg is possibly creepier because it’s reading through files on your pc, I still think it’s cool and hope that games like Phasmophobia implement something like it in future. 

At the risk of this becoming a much, much longer blog post I’ll end it here. Not all of these are the creepiest Easter eggs and some of them are really more interesting or whacky, but maybe they’ll get you in the Halloween mood… if you work at SockMonkey then maybe they’ll make you feel spooky enough to dress up this year in the office…  

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