Fish Tanks Devlog: Welcome to Fish Tanks!

Welcome to the Fish Tanks devlog, dive into some juicy behind the scenes content –  with our very own Joe – during the leadup to the best game about fish in tanks fighting each other to win starfish.  

Fish Tanks Fish Saying Hello


How did you come up with Fish Tanks and what were the rest of the office’s initial reactions? 

“A few years back, SockMonkey decided that we wanted to make an arcade-style game. I was obsessed with the idea of making a game based on a pun and began pitching any joke I could think of. Veto after veto nothing stuck, but when it came to Fish Tanks I just wouldn’t hear no… and then I was told I couldn’t pitch anymore pun-based games.” 

Fish Tanks Pinata Level

“As much as my heart was set on it, I designed two other games alongside Fish Tanks ready to be pitched. Although it took a little time for the rest of the office to warm the game at first – because I make these jokes a fair bit –  Bob (CEO) took all three, pitched them and the only one to get any attention was Fish Tanks, so then we did the obvious thing and spent two and half years making it.” 


How would you describe the gameplay for Fish Tanks? 

“Hectic! You start by trying to complete little objectives in each level to gain starfish for your team but over time one of your friends will inevitably begin to chase you and try to prevent you getting anything back to your base, then you’ll spend countless rounds making sure they can do nothing but flee your cannon fire. 

Fish Tanks Character Getting into Tank

Biggest fail so far/funniest bug?  

“There was a point early on where you could choose to leave a tank and bounce around as a fish, a small bug made it so that instead of just leaving the tank it would create a copy of you that you also controlled, you could repeat the process until you had a frenzied fish army that could irritate the opposing team through sheer numbers.”

(Sadly this bug was before SockMonkey’s Community Manager started and there’s no known footage so….????)

 Sushi Head Slam Fish Tanks


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