Fish Tanks Devlog: Bug Off

Even though SockMonkey has the best coders in the world working to bring you Fish Tanks very soon, there’s still the odd occasion when things go a little wrong, so while you’re waiting by the PC for ‘add to your wishlist’ to change to ‘add to cart’ sit back and enjoy some of our favourite Fish Tanks bugs/mishaps.

I’m blubber, you’re glue  

Fish who stick together really do stay together with this bug. Everything seems totally normal until your opponent shoots you out of your tank and you realise you’re playing as this abomination.  

Game bug where Fish Tanks fish stuck together

Oh Shoot! 

Your enemies can’t escape this bug, but apparently it doesn’t matter… this flurry of bullets just playfully bounces off the other players while launching the shooter across the map. 

 Fish Tanks Game bug where bullets all fire at once

For Duck’s Sake

The most terrifying power-up in the game… kind of like a cuter version of the bullet bug. Honestly this bug is just adorable and I’m really glad we duck-umented it.  

 Fish Tanks bug where duck cannon shoots all over

Lol, bye 

Not actual gameplay but some true behind the scenes action, the official quote for this clip from Emily when she sent it was: ‘I love rigging, it just works.’ 

 Fish Tanks rigging error where characters fly around the screen

Turret Towers 

Add a bit of extra height to your tank by breaking the game and planting a million turrets on top of each other in one go. Fish Tanks turret bug where turrets pile on top of each other

If you’d like to play a non-broken version of Fish Tanks then make sure to add it to your Wishlist now on Steam ahead of the game’s early access release later this year. Feeling like a fish out of water waiting for your new favourite fish-tank-themed game to be released? Pass the time reading the rest of our blog posts, and keep up to date with all things fishy by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram 

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