Fish Tanks Devlog: Meet the Fish

The type of people who are the most excited about playing upcoming, super fun game Fish Tanks are also the type of story-focused people who we think won’t be able to truly enjoy the game unless they know the backstories of the fish. So here is a little peak into the inner workings of the Fish Tanks squad.


Might be a betta but he’s all alpha.  This no-nonsense fishy fighter is the level-headed and strategic fish everybody wants to have on their side – although he can be a little arrogant. People say that Finn was getting too old for this before Murtaugh.  

Finn character art for Fish Tanks game


Most octopus’ don’t know their parents but Bucket is the exception. A few months before they were born an over enthusiastic cleaner on a cruise ship lost a mop head and bucket overboard. By the time Bucket was born the wiggly mop appendages looked just like the octopus-parent they had always hoped for. Bucket and Mop-Mom lived in the bucket for years until Bucket headed off to fight in the tank battles. 

Bucket character art for Fish Tanks game


Sometimes a little shy and all-together clammish, but they’re always there to help in a pinch! Shelldon is a lovable mollusc who will always go above and beyond when hunting for starfish.  


Geletina may not be the smartest fish in the sea, but the other fish admire her for her transparency. Not always paying attention, Geletina has been known to space out halfway through a sentence which can make being her teammate a little frustrating… but when she is paying attention, she’s the best starfish harvesting jellyfish around.  

Gelatina character art for Fish Tanks


Always has a bit of a headache for some reason… but he’s still always ready to squeeze themselves into a tank to collect some starfish. Norm might look like a ferocious, fish-eating fire starter, but he’s really a big softie and honestly… a bit of a scaredy shark.

Norm character art for Fish Tanks


The brains of the operation, Shawn’s not only brainy but also very handy and loves to spend the weekends upcycling old furniture from shipwrecks. His favourite piece is an old bedside table from an unfortunate turn of the century boat that he painted with squid ink and covered in seaweed.  

Shawn the Prawn character art for Fish Tanks


So laid back they’re practically horizontal… for real. Being more into watching old films than collecting starfish, Ray is a connoisseur of classic Hollywood cinema. 

Ray character art from Fish Tanks game



Always keeping their eye on you… and their other eye somewhere else. Admiral is the self-proclaimed leader of the Fish Tanks squad, but how well he leads them is down to you….  

Draft of concept art from Fish Tanks game

Who will you be your main? Check out the whole shoal in Fish Tanks which is available NOW to Wishlist on Steam and will be available to play forever very soon.

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