Fish Tanks Devlog: The Secret Lore of Fish Tanks

Everybody knows Fish Tanks as a hardcore fighting game, similar in intensity to the likes of Tekken or Final Fight. You play as a fish in a tank who has an insatiable hunger for starfish and and a licence to krill.  Fish Tanks Pinball Level

But did you know the real reason Admiral and the rest of the Fish Tanks crew fight? Take a dive with us into the secret lore of the Fish Tanks universe.  

The Expanded Fish Tanks Universe

Have you ever wondered why the expanded FTU doesn’t feature any humans? In such an expansive world it might seem strange that you never come across another human. Would they be giant? Are the fish in Fish Tanks normal sized fish in tiny tanks? Or are they huge fish in human sized tanks??

After this official conversation with one of the Fish Tanks team I guess we’ll never really know for sure.

Originally, back when Fish Tanks looked like this ⬇️⬇️ the game was based in a post-apocalyptic world where humans had polluted all of the oceans and left the planet – leaving our fishy cast behind.  

Arming themselves with tanks, our aquatic heroes had to battle each other to get the last of the water 

Arenas such as Oct-Oasis still existed, but there were also plans to include places like government sites, where players would find water and other playable characters on their journey across the planet.  


Rather than driving through starfish to collect them, in the first concept of the game you were a sitting duck as you had to drive into a pool of water and wait while your tank collected it. Meanwhile, your competitors would be trying to shoot you out of your tank and leave you flopping your way back to base.  

Colourful Chaos

In the end, this first concept was altered, with deserted coliseums making way for bright, colourful and hazardous stadiums with unique mechanics. These days, Admiral and the crew tank their way through a much more friendly (although equally hectic) world.  

Fish Tanks video game level

Each of the fish drive their tanks and battle each other almost without a care in the world… but sometimes, if you look into Gelatina’s ɯσႦႦʅყ face/body, you can see that maybe she remembers the truth.

If you prefer the old lore of Fish Tanks then don’t worry, just Wishlist the game on Steam and when you play, through the power of imagination, you can pretend that you’re playing as a badass fish in a dystopian future… when really, you’ll be playing as Norm… 

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