Interactive Storytelling for Patient Education

SockMonkey09 March 2018

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project description

We won a Creative Fuse North East grant to develop a project titled “Interactive Storytelling for Patient Education”.

We’ll be working with Teesside University and the University of Sunderland to develop a prototype Interactive System Platform for patient education that can be easily adapted for different uses. The project will produce a mobile app featuring engaging visuals and gamification to help communicate information easily, in a way that can be personalised and encourages user interaction.

This pilot will use Bariatric Surgery (also called weight loss surgery) as a test case with the potential to go forward as a proof of concept for other clinical settings (e.g. cancer treatments). This project responds to the demands for effective methods of communicating complex health information and ensuring patient understanding of life-changing treatment options, while also trialing a means of producing AI techniques for content-personalisation and 3D game engines designed to be reconfigurable for different domains – an innovation that could reduce the economic burden of developing these kind of tools.

Using games for good!

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