One Special Day with SpecialEffect: The Gamer’s Charity

Since 2007, SpecialEffect has been harnessing technology such as modified controllers and eye-tracking sensors, with an aim of making gaming accessible to everybody. Creating personalised controllers to assist those with physical disabilities so that they can play their favourite games, they’re levelling the playing field for everybody.

Girl using SpecialEffect facilities

When you first hear that a charity is working to make gaming more accessible you might not initially understand its importance, however games are an escape for many of us, including people like Aaron.

Aaron using SpecialEffect facilities to play video games again

When Aaron’s arms began to get too weak for him to play games, SpecialEffect helped build a setup where he didn’t have to rely as much on the strength of his arms. At a time where Aaron was focusing on GCSEs he said that being able to play videogames helped him escape from reality.

Another example was when Senior Sister Laura got in touch with SpecialEffect in regards to one of her patients – Stewart. Long-time paralysed and hospitalised due to a respiratory infection in the height of the pandemic, Stewart was very isolated. But even during the height of lockdown the team at SpecialEffect discussed with Laura the technology that could assist Stewart, got it all sent out and guided Laura through the setup. Once up and running, Laura and all the nurses couldn’t believe the difference it made to Stewart; the setup helped him gain back some of his independence and lifted his mood enormously.

Stewart with his carer for SpecialEffect

“One of the biggest problems I had was boredom, it has made the days pass much quicker and much more entertaining. It has helped me regain some independence that I had lost.” – Stewart

Throughout the year SpecialEffect and their partners host a number of events to help raise money, and each year 30th September – 1st October they all come together to raise funds for One Special Night and One Special Day – raising over £500,000 last year. Although we have been unable to take part in One Special Night and One Special Day this year, on their biggest day of the year we would like to take the opportunity to formally announce that we are adopting SpecialEffect as our charity partner. If you would like to help us raise funds for this amazing organisation, please follow the link and donate what you can.

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