Playdate from Panic
Don’t be such a crank… It’s Playdate!
In a world where consoles seem to be getting 𝔹𝕀𝔾𝔾𝔼ℝ developer Panic has opted to make a new, smoller and more yellow
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Pride Flags by Daniel James
It Gets Better, But We Can Still Be Better
With members of the LGBTQ+ community making up around 20% of the workforce, a huge percentage of this community find their homes
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Feature Image Featuring Original Fish Tanks Video Game Concept
Fish Tanks Devlog: The Secret Lore of Fish Tanks
Everybody knows Fish Tanks as a hardcore fighting game, similar in intensity to the likes of Tekken or Final Fight. You
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Fish Tanks Characters questioning life
Which Fish Tanks Character are you?
There are some questions humanity just wasn’t meant to know the answer to, but “Which fish from upcoming-very-fun-game-Fish-Tanks-please-Wishlist-on-Steam are you?” is
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Character stills from Dogs Life PS2 Game
What you playing at? Dog’s Life
When I was a kid and games cost around £15 instead of £lots, every month or so I would have
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Fish Tanks header image showing the game logo and two starfish characters
Fish Tanks Devlog: Bug Off
Even though SockMonkey has the best coders in the world working to bring you Fish Tanks very soon, there’s still the odd occasion when things go a little
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Grand Space Opera, Light Age, by Emily Harrison
Learning to Learn: Leveling Up in the Gaming Industry
Graduating and starting your journey into the gaming industry can be daunting, especially with Miss Rona causing a lot of fresh talent in the industry
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Fish Tanks Concept Art
Fish Tanks Devlog: Bringing the Characters to Life
So you’ve decided on a game concept based on a pun after being relentlessly pitched it by your game designer – what’s
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SockMonkey Employees Playing Games in the Office
Switching to the Gaming Industry: Chatting to our Programming Intern
A million years ago, when SockMonkey Studio’s programming intern Neil was at school, working in video games wasn’t a promoted
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Header image showing 2021 release games
According to SockMonkey: Games we’re excited for in 2021
#NewYearNewGames. 2021 has gotten off to a pretty stressful start, but at least there are plenty of new releases due this year to have
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