ZX Spectrum on Blue Background
So long, Sir Clive
The younger generation of gamer may have only passingly heard of Sir Clive Sinclair, but every game-lover is forever in his debt. His pioneering work was focused
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A year in the industry: chatting to a Junior programmer
Joining at the height of the pandemic, Daniel became the third Dan at the studio, the second coding Danny at
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SockFest Featured Image
SockFest 2021!
What do you get when you mix free food, party games, free drinks, tipis and a group of teammates who
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Bob and Darren with Pacman for Header Image for Tees Tech Awards Blog
Tees Tech Awards 2021 – Oh What a Nighttttt
It’s already been such an exciting year so far, welcoming new members to our team, planning a full refurb of our
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Concept Art by Sophie Morris Featured Image
Being a Concept Artist in the Gaming Industry
SockMonkey Studios employs a range of ultra-cool and talented artists including THE Sophie Morris. Recently I managed to steal some
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Fish Tanks characters on plain background
Fish Tanks Devlog: Meet the Fish
The type of people who are the most excited about playing upcoming, super fun game Fish Tanks are also the type
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ZXbit logo
Monkeying around: SockMonkey chats with zx.8bit
If you’ve done much street wandering since the world began to open up you may have noticed some pixelated pieces popping up
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Playdate from Panic
Don’t be such a crank… It’s Playdate!
In a world where consoles seem to be getting 𝔹𝕀𝔾𝔾𝔼ℝ developer Panic has opted to make a new, smoller and more yellow
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Pride Flags by Daniel James
It Gets Better, But We Can Still Be Better
With members of the LGBTQ+ community making up around 20% of the workforce, a huge percentage of this community find their homes
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Feature Image Featuring Original Fish Tanks Video Game Concept
Fish Tanks Devlog: The Secret Lore of Fish Tanks
Everybody knows Fish Tanks as a hardcore fighting game, similar in intensity to the likes of Tekken or Final Fight. You
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