SockMonkey Studios turns nine: nine things about nine year old SockMonkey

SockMonkey is nine! So here are nine facts about the history of SockMonkey Studios to celebrate.  

It was born during a long commute

Back before Bob and Darren were the game industry titans they are today, they were younger, less grey and less in charge. During their two-hour daily commute to Team 17 they began throwing around the idea of starting their own studio… and the rest is history. 

Four members of SockMonkey Studios standing in front of the SockMonkey Studios Logo in their offices

SockMonkey’s first game was Wurdy 

Almost ten years before Wordle took the world by storm, there was another brainteaser-game Wurdy. Although long in the past now, there are still relics of SockMonkey’s first game dotted around the studio – such as the Wurdy coasters and Wurdy Champagne reserved for only the most special of occasions.  

Logo for game Wurdy

There’s a Weekend Club  

This mainly involves travelling to somewhere new for food, but there have also been group trips to less delicious events such as scarecrow walks or racing boats for charity. 

Last year we held the first SockFest 

Tipis, food, games, merch and good (?) music. Over the past couple of years SockMonkey welcomed a lot of new faces to the studio; but due to the pandemic a lot of us had never met in person. So, in Summer, we held an outdoor/indoor, COVID-friendly party which may or may not have ended with team members somehow winning decent amounts of money in a casino. 

There is a yearly SockMonkey Games  

Leaves falling from the trees and the nights getting longer might get most people excited for the holidays but at SockMonkey HQ it means only one thing – The SockMonkey Games are coming. Throughout the last weeks of the year, everything in and around the office becomes a potential clue. Sometimes it’s an unsuspecting rock in the carpark which opens to reveal a clue. Other times there’s a secret cypher hidden within the studio webpage. Whatever the first clue is, it’s the trigger for some intense and frankly obsessive problem solving. 

Nobody is 100% sure of what the logo is  

Is it a monkey with its arm up? Or is it a monkey with its tail up? People at the studio have some strong opinions on this, but the jury is still out.

SockMonkey Logos side by side

We’re international 

Although most of the SockMonkey team are UK-based, some team members like Spain-based Fran and his cute dog Bollo are coding in warmer climes.  

There’s an Office Pug 

Although she may not come into the office as much as she used to (during the pandemic she, like many of us, got used to working from home and decided to make it part of her usual routine), Like all of the studio pets, Minnie the pug is an important member of the SockMonkey Team. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see her in a cool hat and sunglasses.  

From left to right: pug with tongue out, pug on computer chair, pug in basket

No Crunch  

Some things are better with crunch; like peanut butter or baguettes, but working at a studio’s not one of them. We have a zero-crunch culture and offer flexible working hours because we believe that’s the way you get the best out of a team. 

A lot of great things happened in 2013: perfectly straight scissors were invented, the Xbox One was released and so was the PlayStation 4, and thanks to this year you can now enjoy all of these inventions. You can even enjoy all of these things and a monthly pay check from SockMonkey Studios, take a look at our current openings now.  

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