Tees Tech Awards 2021 – Oh What a Nighttttt

It’s already been such an exciting year so far, welcoming new members to our team, planning a full refurb of our new office space with Cocoon & Bauer, as well as some fantastic projects lined up alongside the release of our first IP game Fish Tanks. So when we wondered what could possibly make this year any better for SockMonkey, the Tees Tech Awards said ‘Hold my parmo’ and honoured us with not one but TWO awards.  

Unsung Hero  

Darren Falcus is a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry – having championed it since its early days. In fact, Falcus was working on games back when he was still in school and is globally known for his contributions to games like NBA Jam and Shadow Man (there’s actually a cheat in the former which will let you play as Darren.)

Darren Falcus in front of NBA Jam Arcade Machine

“I’m truly honoured to have been nominated and to have won this great award, disappointed not to be there, but it means a great deal to me” – Darren Falcus Darren Falcus edited into photo receiving award for SockMonkey Studios

Darren was sad not to make it to the awards but a lot less disappointed that he didn’t have to change out of his quintessential Darren shorts for the event.  

Business leader of the year award  

In a double-whammy we were lucky enough to bag ourselves two wins last night and the second went to the fearless captain of the SS SockMonkey – Bob Makin.  

When he isn’t playing a starring role in some of the studio’s favourite gifs, or bringing in amazing homemade cakes by his mam, Bob is lovingly providing the pay checks for his members of staff and that’s just one of the reasons I’m happy he won the Business Leader Award.  

‘We were so happy to just be up for the award but to win it was a huge and very welcome surprise. I haven’t seen the award itself in the flesh yet but on pictures it looks very nice… I think.’ – Bob Makin

Bob Makin Edited into Business Leader Award

We were honestly so shocked and honoured to be nominated for this award alongside some prestigious giants in the tech sector and to win was just unbelievably crazy and when the un-rippable envelope revealed that we had won we were thrilled but also genuinely surprised. 

Although we were unfortunately unable to attend the Tees Tech Awards last night we are head over heels to just be nominated, never mind to win both awards. Even if we weren’t at Hardwick Hall, we still managed to toast ourselves with one or two drinks! 


Want to join our super prestigious studio? Take a look at our careers page where we’re currently hiring in a range of disciplines. Don’t want to work in games but enjoy playing them?  Our upcoming game Fish Tanks is available to Wishlist on Steam now. Don’t like playing games but like to read about game studios? Check out some more of our opinions and antics on our blog. Don’t like any of these things? Then why are you here? Bye. 


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