The time Jon was sued by Shatner

I’ve always been more of a Kirk than Picard person myself, so yesterday I felt more than a couple of chills when I watched William Shatner take off to boldly go where n̶o̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ some have gone before. Never mind him being the oldest man to head into space (although this is in itself an amazing achievement) it was Captain James Tiberius Kirk, one of the first, recognisable characters I remember watching on TV as a kid, actually going into space for real… it was somewhat surreal.

While I was still coming down from the hype of real-life Star Trek coming to life, Jon came along and blew my cute ‘Oh wow Captain Kirk went to space’ cookie-cutter story to hit me with the ‘Hey did you know I was sued once by Kirk?’ Read on below to find out more about Jon’s brush with the captain.


Weird Al Screencap from White and Nerdy Music Video


“Yesterday the legend that is William Shatner actually got to ride a rocket into space. At 90, and impressively spritely for such years, he is the oldest person to ever journey into space. It’s a wonderful thing that someone who has pretended to be in space, and is famous for journeying the cosmos, has finally got to do it.


Blue Origin Launches william Shatner into Space


Like all right minded folks I’m a big fan of Mr Shatner, and I say this in the context of someone who has been sued by him. Well, almost… and by “me” I mean the company I worked for. Although it was all a hilarious misunderstanding.

It happened in the days of the PS3, at a company called Sidhe, where we’d just released a game called Shatter. The game was great, it was extremely well received and all of us that worked on it were very proud of our achievement. Personally I’d ticked off a career goal of heading up the design on a really top notch arcade game. 

Shatter is a Breakout style game, where you have to smash blocks to progress and some jokesters saw an opportunity for a pun. They made a mock-up screenshot where all the blocks were replaced by William Shatner heads, and the background was the iconic image of him raging in The Wrath of Khan. In fact these wags actually published a short article claiming that we were actually working on a whole Shatner mod for the game, along with Mr S’s version of Mr. Tambourine Man as the soundtrack. 


Shatter Shartner Joke


And that’s when the lawyers sent a cease and desist, believing all this to be true. My boss, Mario Wynands, replied to the lawyers with hilarious condescension, explaining the concept of a joke to them and the whole thing went away, but not before we’d got maximum exposure for the game from it. 

Godspeed Mr Shatner, please don’t threaten me with legal action again. “

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