Whale Talk: Meet Simoom!

SockMonkey are whale-y excited to announce that we have a new addition to the team… meet Simoom! 

Simoom photographed by Dylan Smyth
Simoom photographed by Dylan Smyth


A little less… bipedal than our other team members, Simoom is the matriarch of her family. Although she is grandmother to five grandchildren, the oldest member of her family group (known as the A1 pod) is anything but a shrinking violet and is actually key to the social interactions between visiting groups of orcas.  

Simoom Photographed by Marie Fournier
Simoom, Photographed by Marie Fournier

Born in 1975, this fin-tastic lady is one of the most prolific females in the northern resident population – and her growing family is now eleven-strong!
In 1990, when she was just 15 years old she gave birth to her first baby, Echo. 30 years on and she can still often be seen nestled in between Echo and her teenage son Hope off the west-coast of Canada.  

During the summer months she makes Johnstone Strait her home and plays host to other visiting pods. A role she inherited from her mother, Scimitar, and shares with the other A1 Pod females, is to accompany visiting whales to and from the Johnstone Strait area. 

With such a large family this ‘hosting’ role is one Simoom doesn’t take lightly, working to ensure that the entire group is kept  safe and well throughout their travels.  

Simoom with her Pod Photographed by Dylan Smyth
Simoom with her Pod, Photographed by Dylan Smyth

Since its inception in 1987, Whale and Dolphin Conservation has worked tirelessly with the aim to create a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.  As well as striving to end captivity, stop whaling and prevent deaths in nets, their global work also has them working to create healthier seas worldwide.  

Simoom with Scimitar, Photographed by Marie Fournier
Simoom with Scimitar, Photographed by Marie Fournier

We’re very excited to be part of Simoom’s pod. Make sure you watch this space for more whale talk and to see how we make a splash with WDC on our upcoming titles… 

If you would like to see how you could get involved with WDC to help make the world a safer place for whales and dolphins, head on over to their website now or you can even adopt your own whale or dolphin with WDC here.

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